Ajour System can be used for fishing

Meet Thomas Holm, Senior Product Owner at Ajour System, who is responsible for our AjourContent platform, which contains products for quantity extraction and data management on 3D models and who has found a way to combine his leisure activities with Ajour System. He uses the Ajour System app, when he goes fishing.

Thomas typically does not work with our AjourBuild platform, which contains products for construction management, document management, quality assurance and operation and maintenance, but makes a persistent attempt through his fishing.

Thomas generally cares a lot about the things he deals with and this is also reflected in his fishing. AjourQA can also be used for documentation and data collection when fishing for carps, he found out. “It’s about having correct data linked to a location when I plan my fishing”, says Thomas Holm.

When fishing for carp, it is important to keep track of e.g. weather conditions, water temperature and location. In the past, Thomas has used a notebook, but quickly found out that it is difficult to make statistics and see different patterns when he uses a notebook and therefore chose to familiarize himself with AjourBuild, including AjourQA, and took charge of fishing data.

“I have prepared checklists that contain the control points that are important data in connection with catching or when observing fish. For example, if I have seen a fish swimming on the surface, I place a QA point on a map , where I subsequently fill in the control points where I register weather conditions, such as wind direction and wind and water temperature. In this way, I have collected all relevant data and can see across all my registrations. I no longer have to rely only on intuition , but can purely bare my conclusions on the specific weather conditions”, says Thomas Holm.

Thomas acquainted himself with our AjourBuild platform through his hobby and in this way combines his work with free time. Do you use Ajour System for anything other than construction? Then we would love to hear your story.

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