Ajour System is involved in a major renovation, reconstruction and modernization project of homes in Højstrupparken

FAB, ERIK arkitekter A/S and Enemærke & Petersen A/S use Ajour for their major construction cases on Funen. Therefore, we visited one of the big cases – Højstrupparken in Odense – to hear more about their processes in relation to Document management and construction management regarding Deficiency review, quality assurance, etc.

In such construction cases, time and quality are significant but also communication must be in place for the collaboration to run smoothly. Documentation is another key element in the collaboration so that disputes can be prevented.

Briefly about the project

Højstrupparken in Odense was built in 1951. Now, approx. 600 homes need extensive reconstruction and renovation which also involves getting the project sustainability certified according to DGNB. Reconstruction and modernization are part of the overall plan and future-proofing of the area. The project has been tendered as general contract, where Enemærke og Petersen A/S is the general contractor and the advisory team consists of Erik Arkitekter A/S and the engineering company Viggo Madsen A/S.

  • Budget: 522 million kr.
  • Start: December 2019
  • End: At the beginning of 2023

Ajour as a platform

The construction is facing major challenges with many renovations of existing housing stock. Therefore, it is important for many housing associations to establish a solid and recognizable digital work process that supports the physical processes.

“When we have a need of everything running digitally, on such a large case, there is no room for having paper drawings crosswise, changing hands all the time. The file-sharing process is much faster. You can share files with people who are not on the construction site. I can from the construction site call my colleagues in Viborg, where, among others, the landscape architect is having her office, then I can refer to a drawing and she can quickly find it on Ajour. It just brings about a consistency on a case like this, that you have it all within reach.” says Emil Paetau, Construction Manager at ERIK Arkitekter

Digital construction management solutions can contribute to creating an overview of e.g. supervision, errors and deficiencies, quality assurance, etc. In addition, the project documentation is always accessible with the latest revisions – and the fatiguing manual workflows with many thousands of e-mails can be easily improved:

“There is a lot of communication going on on a construction site, and much of that communication has always been done by sending emails back and forth, which is why a digital platform provides an easier communication process. There are many on the market today (…) but it is important for us to have a platform that is easy, accessible, and one that allows us to share files and documents with both our architect and our contractors – and this is why we have chosen Ajour. ” says Franz Leitner, Developer at FAB

It is not only the developer that has taken digitalization to heart, the contractors also use digital tools in their daily work. The executive construction manager tells about his working day with Ajour:

“Out of maybe eight hours of the day, I spend four or five hours on Ajour, because deal with errors and defects, quality assurance, operation and maintenance. And a lot of that takes place in the Ajour app.”, says Kasper Borowik, Construction Manager at Enemærke & Petersen A/S

He continues:
“We use Ajour here on the site, both on the advisory side and our own side, where we have our own Ajour, in which we perform our quality assurance and everything that has to do with us, our craftsmen and subcontractors.”

All parties involved in the project use Ajour’s overall platform in connection with the renovation project of the homes in Højstrupparken, which gives professionals more time for what they are good at, better interdisciplinary collaboration, better quality, and better numbers on the bottom line. The Ajour app makes it possible to share the floor plans of the project with the craftsmen on their smartphones or tablets, making it easy to perform the daily quality assurance. With Ajour app, we bring the construction parties together to deliver quality; sustainability with fewer resources, smooth processes, and satisfied customers.

Building Better Together

With Ajour System, even complicated construction processes become much easier to manage. The project in Højstrupparken has increased efficiency by streamlining their communication and documentation and now spends less time on administrative tasks and communication.

At Ajour, we develop user-friendly solutions that help manage a safe and smooth collaboration on construction projects throughout the construction life cycle. In this way, construction errors, delays, and communication errors are minimized, while quality and the bottom line are ensured. The documentation for the execution is always available for the developer and his operations department. This is a good example of what we call “Building Better Together”.

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