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Ajour System launches an updated version of AjourCollab with integrated 3D Viewer

New version of AjourCollab has integrated a close link between the 3D model and the building parts list, which creates a better overview of model data.

We are launching an updated version of AjourCollab with an integrated 3D viewer and useful functions that provide a visual approach to working with quantities and data.

“We are really proud that we can now open a new chapter in AjourCollab. With the new 3D viewer in AjourCollab, we have invited new subject areas into the platform. Specifically, we have gained more contractors on the platform and professionals who work with LCA calculations now also participates and uses the information from the 3D model”, says Thomas Holm and continues: “The dynamics the platform creates breaks down the barriers we typically see between design and the professionals who are dependent on data from the model such as quantities and the visual overview. Now the professionals themselves can select and use the specific building parts and quantities that they need in their work process”.

New functions

  • 2D and 3D model display
  • Mark and highlight the building parts that you want to highlight in the 3D model and see, for example, where all the doors are located in the model
  • Perform control measurements using new features such as 3D Measure and Laser Measure
  • The value lists have been colour-coded, so it is easy to see the building parts for which a particular company is responsible

Your inputs are important to us

Help shape and specify the user scenarios that create value for you and your colleagues.

How to get access

If you are interested in getting access to the new version of AjourCollab with the new functions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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