Project Web for document management with built-in BIM viewer

Always at hand. Free to use for everyone.

AjourBox is a professional project web for version control of documents and drawings for your construction cases. The platform can be used from the initial in the design and execution phase as well as subsequently in operation. AjourBox is web-based, which means that it can be accessed from tablets and phones and ensures that the project parties are always up to date.

Share drawings and documents on a safe platform

Web browser, phone, or tablet. Document and file-sharing have never been easier. With AjourBox it is possible to browse and share files anywhere, anytime.

Rights in AjourBox

Give all users easy access to the project material. It is easy to assign special rights to companies, so it is possible to control who has access to the contents of the folders.

A simple overview for the project parties can be ensured by hiding irrelevant or secret material.

Together we achieve more.

Automatic revision and version control

Thanks to the automatic revision control, users always open the latest version of all documents, whether the work is being performed on the phone or on the computer.

Fast BIM-viewer in AjourBox

See your BIM models in our free built-in viewer. Navigate in the model and see details about your building parts low cut and gather all your model files in one view.

Create an overview of the model’s information so the right building parts will be found quickly.

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