BIM & information management

Get a full overview of the BIM project

AjourCollab is an effective collaboration platform that allows you to manage the project’s ICT requirements, manage building element data and create a quick composition of tender lists with quantities. The quality of the BIM model is increased and the sharing of project information between key people and partners is done efficiently.

ICT and data management

AjourCollab can handle all types of parameters. A standard set of parameters/properties can be created, which your BIM projects must always include. Now all you have to do is sync in Revit and the project is updated according to the company’s standard setup. The system allows you to fill in values on the properties on our website or in Excel and choose whether the values should be synchronized into Revit or remain on the cloud. You can follow the development in the project stage on an ongoing basis via our project changelog or see how far you are with filling in the values in the properties. It gives everyone an opportunity to get value from the BIM project and gather information in one place – quite simply.

Together we can achieve more.

Building element journal

Building element journal in AjourCollab gives you an always updated list of the model’s building elements/objects. Here, relevant information can be added to the building elements, and you can see the quantity statement, which contracts are responsible for the export, fire properties, u-values, and the like. The journal can be synchronized to and from the BIM model and buildings elements that are not found in the BIM model can be added. This gives everyone on the project a clear picture of the model and project content, quite simply.

Tender lists and quantities

AjourCollab has a core function. You can set up templates that suit your needs, eg. general contractor. All the building elements from the model and the manually created records are exported to an Excel file, with or without quantities in the selected sort.

The system allows you to continuously pull out quotation lists, depending on how the project is offered. The tender lists are exported and can be used in many other areas, such as doors and window schemes and the like. It saves a lot of time and ensures quality in terms of that everything in the project is priced and that changes are continuously made to the register.

Whitelist Concept

We have integrated AjourObjects in AjourCollab. Here you can select the objects from your building element database in AjourObjects, both the free and the private cloud version that you want to use in your new project.

With Ajour´s Whitelist Concept you optimize the quality of your models and save a lot of time.


AjourCollab is one of the first on the market to handle all the building elements, with associated quantities, and export them for the LCA calculation. The sustainability employee decides himself how the quantities are to be calculated in the project. Through our export function, a file can be saved and loaded into LCAbyg, where the LCA calculation is made according to normal procedures. It provides an efficient and agile process that saves time for everyone on the project.

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