Planning and management of operation and maintenance

Document the operation with a simple handover process

Prepare digital documentation of operation and maintenance in connection with the handover of the building and for use in the subsequent operation and servicing of the building.

Operation plans

Perform systematic maintenance of the property directly from your mobile using the detailed job maps.

Search for data

Operation and maintenance data can be easily searched and accessed. Anytime, anywhere.

Easily create and print your building element cards

Based on an operating database, you adapt your building element cards to the current project and attach relevant datasheets, warranty managers, etc

The responsible contractors fill in their own building element card, which is subsequently completed and approved by the responsible project manager.

Quick overview of the status of completed building element maps

Building component cards are created in an online operating database. The building component cards form the basis of your operating plan, which is used to document the maintenance of your building components so that the warranty is maintained.

The graphic building element board can be built according to either CCS, SfB, or FVK’s building part structure and gives you a quick overview of the status of completed building element cards.

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