Construction management and professional technical inspection with follow-up and documentation

Simple construction management and technical inspection

The many tasks involved in a construction project can be a great challenge to keep up to date with. Therefore, AjourInspect is one of the most used communication tools in the Danish construction industry. For the past 10 years, we have continuously developed the tool to include the management of working days on a construction site.

Flaws and deficiencies

Create deficiencies during delivery. Indicate the location of the error or defect on the drawing and attach pictures, description, and the person responsible for the repair.


Use checklists to structure the inspections of the project. This ensures that all relevant points are checked. Checklists always refer to a control plan where extent and acceptance criteria are described.

Keep track of the construction

Create registrations on the construction site of the things that need to be documented or repaired. Attach the drawing, photos, and texts to the registration and send them immediately to the relevant party.

All data is linked to the marking on the drawing. The recipient only sees the registrations they are responsible for accomplishing and responds easily by selecting a new status of the task. The system keeps you updated by sending daily emails of new and existing tasks.

AjourInspect creates an overview

Get a quick overview of all the tasks on the project. Search and filter on information easily. Quickly create relevant categories that fit your project.

Easy project report

Automatically generate optional reports in PDF Print all or selected registrations including photo documentation, description, and drawing. Simple and fast documentation of the status of the project’s tasks.

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