Digital quality assurance with drawings and photo documentation

Minimize construction errors with digital quality assurance

AjourQA is one of the market’s most user-friendly and simple systems for quality assurance performance and photo documentation on construction projects.

Coherent quality assurance

AjourQA creates professional quality assurance documentation ready to print or share with the project parties. The system gathers relevant information, and the registration always refers to a location on the drawing. Use the app on the construction site or log in to our platform from the office and attach photos, text, and control plans to the quality assurance registration.

Process control

Create quality assurance on an ongoing basis. Indicate location on drawing, attach photos, approved checklist, and complete the registration.

Deviation report

In case of deviations compared to what was agreed, the system can be used to document the extent of the deviation.

Built-in inspection schedules

Reusing control plans ensures consistency in the company’s control plans. It’s easy to get a quality assurance paradigm approved – just print project control plans and share them with project partners. Hereby there is a connection between the planned – and the performed quality assurance.

A safe start

For the past 10 years, Ajour System has specialized in quality assurance for the construction industry with relevant digital tools that ensure professional documentation. In addition to simple tools, we also have skilled consultants who ensure that the system is set up and works and that you can adjust the quality assurance templates, checklists, etc. yourself.

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