Central database for all project information

With BIMeye you get a cloud solution that consists of a number of applications for handling all BIM data in a building's life cycle. We offer BIMeye as a central database in the cloud, which all parties can access according to the rights allocated and individual needs. With the solution, you therefore minimise your need for CAD or BIM programs, as they are not required to access data in BIMeye. The need for expensive CAD licenses and the risk of bottlenecks by the company's BIM experts can now be reduced.

BIMeye is designed for consultants, developers, turnkey contractors and architects. You can handle data in your projects, and BIMeye will synchronise your changes between the database and your BIM tool and ensure that the data is always up to date. Each application enables you to automate and handle different parts of the design and construction process.

The parties in the project can freely search for and filter relevant project information through a single interface and extract the data to Excel or Word.

Your information is structured in tables according to parameters, so you get a simple overview that shows whether all information has been completed for the selected components. The components can be viewed in BIMeye's 3D viewer, giving you a visual overview of the position of the components.

BIMeye supports Tekla, ArchiCAD, Revit, IFC, Excel and Word.

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Requirement Manager

Define the functional and technical requirements in the rooms in your project and collaborate across separate contracts.

Room Manager

Create, change, sort and release information about your rooms - in one or more 3D models.

BIM Asset Manager

Handle all building sections and categories from one or more models and link models from Revit, Tekla, ArchiCAD and IFC.

Interior Manager

Design, change, sort and publish information regarding your interior design.

Door Manager

Get a complete overview of all door information, which is synchronised with all model files in a project.

Revision Manager

Edit and communicate easily with all parties in your project and trace and save your changes.

tnt architects Boligforeningen Postparken

tnt architects - Improved efficiency available in the renovation project Boligforeningen Post Park with Room Manager

To streamline the project of renovating the Boligforeningen Postparken, a residential building with over 400 homes in Kastrup, tnt architects have chosen the database solution BIMeye Room Manager.

"The best thing is the time we save by avoiding sources of error. If we save just a few hours a week by handling data in Room Manager, we have long since earned the investment on the solution over the lifetime of the project. And we will save even more, I can already see now. ”- Kristian Boll, tnt architects"