Carpentry companies are switching to digital quality assurance

With AjourQA, new carpentry companies will have more time for work when they will make use of digital quality assurance in the future. Difficult and time-consuming quality assurance on paper is replaced with efficient and ongoing QA in Ajour’s app or web platform.

Ajour welcomes Tømrerfirmaet Paulsen and Tømrerfirma Madsen. In the future, they will use AjourQA to ensure that the quality of their work is always well documented.

Tømrerfirmaet Paulsen is a carpentry company with headquarters in Hvidovre, specializing in carpentry work and larger contracts. Their goals are based on delivering well-thought-out and holistic results, where solid craftsmanship and sharp project management are in focus. In the future, AjourQA will be their digital tool, which will support their goals and after having an introduction to AjourQA with Ajour’s consultants, they are well equipped to work with the Ajour platform.

From minor repairs and maintenance tasks to large construction projects, Tømrerfirma Madsen handles both individual tasks and entire contracts. They stand for solid and aesthetic craftsmanship, and here quality is a feature that is repeated in everything from consulting and design to service. In the future, AjourQA will support the daily workflow with ongoing quality assurance in the field.

We look forward to a good collaboration in the future – welcome!

When you use digital quality assurance, you get the opportunity to:

  • streamline time and money so that you can do what you do best
  • prevent mistakes and defects
  • create standard quality assurance forms for everyone in the company
  • being competitive the construction industry

Has the idea of digital quality assurance also caught your interest? Read more about AjourKSand contact us to hear more!

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