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New collaboration ensures the quality of product data in the BIM models

The quality of data in BIM models is crucial for the designers to evaluate the quality of design options based on e.g., sustainability, buildability, and other performance criteria, but the process is often a process, that is full of challenges. Way too often, available BIM content does not meet the requirements of the designers. There is a need for BIM content of proper quality.

The interest in digital tools among industry contractors is growing

More and more general contractors are demanding digital tools to be used in construction, and this helps to learn about construction software among the construction industry’s professional contractors. Ajour meets several companies which after a project with the main contractor, are still interested in using digital tools for quality and construction management.

Carpentry companies are switching to digital quality assurance

With AjourQA, new carpentry companies will have more time for work when they will make use of digital quality assurance in the future. Difficult and time-consuming quality assurance on paper is replaced with efficient and ongoing QA in Ajour’s app or web platform.

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