Ajour moves in to EG

Confetti and bubbles when Ajour System moved to EG

At a reception in June, it was celebrated that Ajour System A/S is now part of EG Construction. 24 employees have physically moved to EG Construction’s office in Odense.

EG signed the agreement to acquire Ajour System A/S on 15 February 2022 and the transaction was closed on 1 April 2022 after receipt of customary regulatory approvals. Ajour System’s exciting journey continues, and as a natural part of the development, Ajour System moved to EG A/S in Odense and had its first working day at EG Monday 13 June. It was marked at a celebratory reception.

First day at EG

The tape was cut at the entrance and everyone was welcomed in flag-decorated rooms and reception in the canteen. The canteen staff had provided a delicious brunch and a large strawberry layer cake, so everyone was ready to start a new working day in the new surroundings.

Digital solutions for construction in the Nordic countries

“We are really happy to be part of an exciting development in EG Construction in the Nordics and look forward to being part of something even bigger”, says Asmus Larsen, who is now responsible for sales in EG Construction Denmark. We look forward to working with more dedicated employees, specializing in software and strong solutions for all phases of construction.

Ajour System’s specialty in Software-as-a-Service – with software for quality management, document management, and tender as well as a platform for handling BIM objects and BIM data – will now be part of EG Construction’s product portfolio.

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