The construction starts and a large number of tasks must be planned and coordinated. Logistics, resources, supervision, and quality assurance must be implemented. As the construction progresses, regular status meetings and coordination meetings are held between the executing contractors and consultants.




Project documentation

To get off to a good start in the construction process, it is important that all parties have easy and quick access to updated project material. With AjourBox all documentation is gathered in one place, and the rights-controlled access to the folders ensures that all parties are always up to date – whether from the office or on the go (offline/online). Less wasted time and more time for what matters – in short, the workflow becomes more efficient. (security and ownership).

Tender process

Obtaining offers can often be difficult to keep track of, so here AjourTender helps to keep an overview and ensure a smooth process. The tender is created and relevant material is attached before the tenderers are invited to participate. After this, the process runs by itself, as the bidders are automatically notified of deadlines for submission or issued correction sheets.

Once the tender has been completed, the received offers and tender material can be archived directly in AjourBox, from where the relevant parties have access to it. If you need help with preparing tender lists quickly, you can read more about AjourCollab here.

Construction management and task management

With AjourInspect, the construction management and follow-up become digital, and it is ensured that errors and deficiencies are discovered, and continuously corrected. This guarantees a better quality of work. With the help of the Ajour App, registrations are easily created on-site, and improvements and follow-up can be monitored on an ongoing basis. It provides better management of the project and reduces conflicts on the site, as much can be nipped in the bud.

Quality management

Keep track of the quality of the work performed with AjourQA, where the individual craftsman himself documents the work performed in accordance with the project’s control plans. AjourQA is based on built-in industry-specific inspection schedules, which are adapted to the specific cases, but at the same time also ensure uniformity in the documentation.

When documented on an ongoing basis, quality assurance becomes much better and more valuable. At the same time, it makes the working day easier as the work is completed in the field, and the late frustrating evenings in the office collecting quality documentation are a thing of the past.

Operation and maintenance

Collecting Operating and Maintenance Materials is often difficult and time-consuming. AjourFMhelps put together uniform content that can easily be transferred to the developer. Based on predefined building element cards, all information and associated data sheets are gathered in one place. This is exported to AjourBox, from where it can be easily downloaded.

The prepared building element cards form the basis for a digital operation plan, which is used to manage maintenance in operation.

Handover procedure

We know that at the end of a construction case there is a lot of busyness, and therefore we help to gather all the material for the handover procedure quickly and easily.

The combined reports can easily be printed with, for example, deficiency lists or quality assurance from AjourInspectand AjourQA directly to AjourBox. From here, the entire case can be downloaded as a single zip file that can be handed over to the developer or saved locally – then it actually does not get much easier. 

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