Dan Mark Ejendomme

Dan Mark Ejendomme Udvikling A/S uses Ajour System on a day-to-day basis on the construction site

Dan Mark Ejendomme Udvikling A/S uses AjourInspect and AjourBox and cannot imagine not keeping track of all outstanding tasks on the construction site without digital tools from Ajour System.

Construction and document management

Dan Mark Ejendomme Udvikling A/Smanages, leases, optimizes, and develops a mixed property portfolio within both businesses and homes and takes profound responsibility for the buildings’ current and future level, e.g. by long-term maintenance and development plans for the properties.

To ensure the high quality of Dan Mark Ejendomme, the company uses AjourInspect for construction management and technical inspection of the properties. The tool helps with easier and better documentation of the construction process during execution, handover, and deficiency reports. This means, among other things, that all parties under Dan Mark Ejendomme’s projects are always updated on project notes, technical inquiries, errors, and omissions, as well as technical inspection and safety inspection round.

The company also usesAjourBox, our project web for document management, where the relevant parties can easily and securely share files, drawings, and documents.

To solve the task as a client consultant

Ajour Systems software can be used both during and after the construction, and the company has seen opportunities in this. Client consultant Harry Hansen, who has implemented the system on behalf of Dan Mark Ejendomme, says: “I would not be able to solve my task as a client consultant at all if I did not have your system to keep track of all outstanding tasks” and continues:

“There are many players on our construction sites. Three parties. Developer, turnkey contractor, and subcontractors. So the work is quickly coordinated between many key figures. Of course, the developer always communicates only with the turnkey contractor, but the turnkey contractor communicates via Ajour to his subcontractors. Here, as a client consultant, I can always keep up with the status between contractor and subcontractor”.

“I always feel safe every time I go to a construction meeting because I always know exactly what the status is. I can find every single point and follow up on it. I do not have to look through a long pile of emails where one can quickly lose track.Ajour System gives me a clear overview and no parties are in doubt who is in charge and what the status is ”.

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