The design phase requires that the entire project organization collaborates and is fully coordinated through all phases. It requires control of all agreements, documents, models, and not least calculations and budgets, as well as compliance with sustainability requirements.




Design startup

When the project starts, the designers have already gathered all the studio’s BIM objects in one place, on a private Cloud. This means that everyone uses the same content in – and across the project and downloads it via our plug-in directly in Revit.

It will simply be to comply with the requirements of the ICT agreement at the same time as the design is streamlined. BIM objects are searched by properties so that the exact building parts are found quickly.

AjourObjects continuously collects and structures the company’s objects, o that there is always an updated catalog containing relevant properties, classification codes, and links to descriptions, etc. This allows you to simply standardize the design and reuse documentation, etc.

Ensure valid and consistent BIM data

It can be a bigger task to ensure parameters are created the same in all Revit models. Even when the model work is in full swing and a consultant needs to add, for example, fire, sustainability, or other properties to the building parts, this is done quickly from AjourCollab. The consultant can also work with building parts quantities, export quickly to Excel, and ensure the data quality in the models is top-notch and always complies with the ICT agreement.

AjourCollab is a live dataset that is synchronized from the Revit file and contains various features and functions. These provide the opportunity to work with:

  • ICT requirements: properties & standardized value lists
  • Keynote configuration, based on model parameters, etc.
  • Building element data and Whitelist – listing the model building components with quantities.
  • Tender lists with quantities – lightning-fast Excel export of the building elements to tender lists.
  • BI – Business Intelligence


In AjourBox all the project’s files are shared. Here new versions of drawing material, descriptions, and other project material are continuously uploaded. The administrator can control who should have access to the project and which folders relevant should be able to access. There is a full log, as well as revision history on all files. AjourBoxcan be used freely for a project web that complies with the rules of law.

Tender process

Obtaining offers can often be difficult to keep track of, so here AjourTender helps to keep an overview and ensure a smooth process. The tender is created and relevant material is attached before the tenderers are invited to participate. After this, the process runs by itself, as the bidders are automatically notified of deadlines for submission or issued correction sheets.

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