Digital quality assurance can contribute with efficiency improvement in the electricity industry

Ajour System has customers in all fields within the building and construction industry. Among these are companies and professionals from the electricity industry, which Ajour System provides with software for file and drawing sharing, construction management, and digital quality assurance.

Welcome to the two new electrical contractors, APJ EL-anlæg and Buchreitz A/S, that will use AjourQA to simplify their internal quality assurance process.

APJ EL-anlæg has 18 years of experience in the industry, and at the time of writing has 35 employees to perform tasks within technical installations. The company has its focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and healthy growth, and this is exactly one of the reasons why the APJ EL-anlæg has switched to performing digital quality assurance with AjourQA.

Buchreitz A/Swas founded in 1994 by Søren Buchreitz. In 2016, they were elected the company of the year in Kolding and perform electrical fittings tasks in the Triangle Region. For Buchreitz A/S, the combination of knowledge, education, and the use of the latest techniques and methods is a cornerstone in their work with electrical fittings. And this also applies to administrative tasks such as quality assurance. With AjourQA, the company uses the latest technology for digital quality assurance and takes the task to a higher level.

Great value in digital quality assurance forms
When you use Ajour System for digital quality assurance, you get the opportunity to make your registrations in the field on the app both in online and offline mode. It creates space and flexibility and allows you to work with quality assurance no matter where you are.

By using digital quality assurance forms, you get, among other things, the opportunity to:

  • streamline time and money so you can do what you are best at
  • prevent mistakes and omissions
  • create standard quality assurance forms for everyone in the company
  • be competitive in the construction industry

We are pleased to welcome APJ EL-anlæg and Buchreitz A/S and wish them a good start with digital quality assurance.

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