Digital quality assurance requires user-friendly tools

Quality assurance is most often something that is seen as a stressful or annoying task. Ajour System is ready with digital solutions to make your quality assurance easier, simpler, and maybe even more fun?

Quality assurance is most often either a legal requirement or a condition from the builders of the construction industry. Therefore, it is important to have the best requisites to conduct correct and accurate quality assurance. It is Ajour System’s mission to make tasks as simple as possible so that the construction parties can concentrate on what they are best at.
We have just introduced AjourQA for quality assurance to our two new customers Køge Bugts Anlægsgartner and Toft Entreprise.

Køge BugtAnlægsgartnerhas over 40 years of experience within the landscape gardening profession and always focuses on delivering a thorough preparatory work and a quality-assured end result on time. They will use AjourQA for digital quality assurance and state that “the system seems intuitive, user-friendly and easy to get going”. The QA system will be used continuously for all Køge Bugt Anlægsgartner’s projects.

Toft Entreprise, founded in 2015, conducts turnkey, general, and individual trade contracts as well as service tasks on constructions, new constructions, and restorations. Toft Entreprise emphasizes making things as simple as possible to keep construction and administration costs down. They think out of the box, both during the design phase and in the construction phase, and that is precisely why Toft Entreprise is now ready for digital quality assurance with Ajour System.

Quality Assurance: What Are The Benefits?
With AjourQA, you increase the quality of your documentation because it is performed during the work while you are still working on the task. Therefore, you can avoid many hours of administrative work in the office, and you get the opportunity to always access your documentation from the app or on the web. We take care of available and industry-specific control forms, so all you have to do is use our system and save your time.

Ajour System welcomes our new customers from Køge Bugt’s Anlægsgartner and Toft Entreprise.

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