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Digital quality assurance via app makes your workday easier

Quality assurance must be easy and simple and to deal with. With our app you can quickly fill in the necessary documentation in the field.

Why is quality assurance important?

The construction industry is probably one of the industries where documentation is most required. Especially quality assurance requires a lot of documentation. It is important to be able to document that the work has been carried out in accordance with the quality requirements set out in the contract. It is therefore extra catastrophic if you lose it. By switching from traditional methods to digital solutions, you solve the problem of misplaced reports and lost paperwork.

Digital quality assurance via the app

Ajour System has made it simple to carry out digital quality assurance via the app. AjourQA, our quality assurance system with drawings and photo documentation, allows you to take your iPad or mobile device to the construction site and create quality assurance in the field. With a few clicks, you can continuously prepare your quality assurance documentation in the field and be sure that you will not lose it. You can also always access the information if you need it. With our app, you can easily mark the location on the drawing, upload images, and add comments that you can attach to the case’s quality assurance. When you use our app, you can close cases directly from your mobile device.

  • Quality assurance at your fingertips
  • Easy access to documentation
  • All documentation gathered in one place
  • Conduct and complete cases more easily and quickly
  • Save time and trouble

This is how quality assurance is carried out in the Ajour System app

The digital solutions are significantly faster than reports on paper. With our app, you get rid of all the unnecessary manual work that can be associated with the preparation of the quality assurance documentation.

  1. Select a group for the registration
  2. Select contracts, work and checkpoints
  3. Write a description of your registration e.g. “Glass must be replaced”
  4. Add photos
  5. Finish registration by clicking “Back”.

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