The Danish construction industry has an unknown potential in the use of construction data.

MOE is one of Denmark’s leading consulting engineers who joins the cluster of companies that see value in user-friendly and targeted digitization – Ajour System building software handles file sharing, construction and professional supervision.

The great progress in the construction industry and the increased complexity of the projects entails an increased need for an overview and efficient construction management. This is due to an increase in both the size and volume of construction projects (Source: DST). The construction projects are based on collaboration between many professional groups. There is therefore a great need for efficient sharing of construction site data, including drawings, documents and inspection notes. But how does the construction industry achieve that?

The challenge is digitalisation

One of the major challenges facing the construction industry is the lack of digitization of construction projects and at the same time a declining investment in IT among the industry’s players (Source: Dagens Byggeri).

Ajour System has talked about the digitalisation challenge with the Danish consulting company MOE.
MOE is one of Denmark’s leading consultants in construction, energy and industry and infrastructure. With more than 800 employees, they provide advice to both public and private customers in the construction industry.

MOE is, among other things, the client’s consultant and construction manager on the construction project “BOLIV”, where Gladsaxe Municipality is the client. The construction will provide new and modern housing for disabled citizens with disabilities. For the project, MOE uses AjourInspectfor digital construction and professional supervision as well as AjourBoxfor digital document management.

We asked client advisor Adam Kanaan from MOE why they have chosen Ajour System for digital construction management and the answer was clear: “We save time by having all construction documents gathered in one place, and it is easier to keep track of the construction process. Eg. mourns AjourInspect for the supervision plans to reach the right people on the construction project“.

Big savings to pick up

Despite the great progress in construction, we still experience that the industry is significantly behind in the use of digital tools (Source: DST, IT use in companies 2017). The degree of digitization is lowest across other industries and here are large savings for companies to pick up.

Digitization is a word we often hear. Everything has to be digitized, and sometimes the very goal of digitization can be forgotten, and that must not happen. If we digitize our subject areas without aiming for what gain we get out of it, it is a waste of both time and money.

At Ajour System, we focus on how we can together help the construction industry to an efficient process and improved quality with digital construction tools. This is exactly the value MOE and Gladsaxe Municipality expect to achieve. They emphasize that “Ajour Systems’ streamlined tools create a platform for the entire construction, where everything is gathered in one place. Documents, supervision notes and drawings are digitized so that they can be used by everyone from one platform – whether it is the web or the app“- Adam Kanaan, MOE.
The digital construction management prevents lack of communication across the construction, loss of data and provides an increased efficiency of the construction.

Digitization – easier than expected!

MOE, like so many others, has also experienced an aversion to digitalisation, but Adam Kanaan states that after Ajour System’s introductory courses, the employees felt well equipped to get started with Ajour System.

Good and easy implementation! With introductory courses and good dialogue with customer support, we got started easily and quickly. The program is super user-friendly, and you quickly become familiar with it. Up-to-date are always helpful when we call and we can clearly recommend the program to other advisors and builders.

The digital age has come to stay, and it has also come to the growing construction industry. With digitalisation comes increased value for construction. The digital tools give professionals more time for what they are good at, better interdisciplinary collaboration, better quality and numbers on the bottom line.

Ajour System Offers one complete solution for all phases of construction, which includes:

  • company and project web
  • tender portal for digital tendering
  • construction management and supervision
  • quality assurance as well as building component cards for operation and maintenance.

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