Digitized construction management in the Danish hospital construction

Horsens Regional Hospital invests in building software for digital deficiency review and ongoing renovation tasks.

The efficiency of Danish construction is in full bloom this spring. This is happening because more and more Danish companies in the construction industry are realizing the benefits of using digital tools for construction management.

Construction at Horsens Regional Hospital will be digitized with AjourInspect

Horsens Regional Hospital is currently working on a comprehensive construction project “Nye Nord” (New North). The project will provide new outpatient departments, new operating rooms, a new intensive care unit, and two new floors with wards. To ensure professional construction management, Horsens Regional Hospital has chosen to invest in AjourInspectfor digital construction management of errors and deficiencies as well as ongoing supervision of the construction, according to Tim Krøyer Madsen, the technical project manager.

Ajour System’s construction software can be used both during and after construction, and Tim Krøyer Madsen sees many opportunities in that. They will use both the Ajour System during the new construction itself and for the ongoing renovation tasks after the new construction has been completed.

Horsens Regional Hospital has chosen to invest in the digital registration tool Ajour. The background for the investment is the upcoming construction projects in connection with the hospital’s general plan. In the coming years, construction projects worth more than DKK 500 million will be carried out. In this connection, the AjourInspect program will primarily be used for digital registration of errors and defects for both internal and external partners. The use of Ajour will ensure structured and professional management of the projects by the hospital.

– Tim Krøyer Madsen

Digital construction management provides efficiency

Ajour System’s construction software for digital construction management saves you many resources and ensures you an efficient construction process.
Our digital platform for registering errors and defects gives the construction parties the best conditions for working professionally. You will be provided with both easier and better documentation of the construction process during execution, delivery, and deficiency review.

Are you also ready for digital construction management? Contact us here, to learn more about your possibilities with Ajour System.


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