EcoCocon, a leader in renewable construction materials, enters into a strategic collaboration with Ajour System as part of its digitisation strategy and now offers its innovative and sustainable straw wall elements as BIM objects via AjourObjects

EcoCocon produces an innovative straw wall system that combines healthy and sustainable living with exceptional energy efficiency. Ajour System has developed EcoCocon’s wall elements for Autodesk Revit, which can be downloaded for free via the digital platform AjourObjects. The software provides a simple, efficient way for designers to find and use the right BIM objects.

EcoCocon and Ajour System have worked for a long time on the implementation of a successful digital strategy for their innovative products. It has been central for EcoCocon to increase market awareness of the company’s wall elements, which are made up of 98 % raw, renewable materials – timber and straw. The structural timber frame contains highly pressed straw which acts as insulation. The use of this rapidly renewable resource allows for minimal use of wood in construction, safeguarding forests and natural habitats.

The high quality of data, as well as the BIM objects used by designers within the BIM models, are crucial to assess different solution models and decide which one best meets the client’s requirements and wishes.

We see great potential for our solutions through digitization and publishing at Ajour System’s solution for the designers,” says Lars Keller, CEO of EcoCocon in Denmark.

“We are pleased to welcome EcoCocon to Ajour System. Their solutions are really interesting and innovative, which plays directly into one of the hottest themes around sustainability. I believe lot of people will find their solutions super exciting and that speaks directly to the agenda that we at Ajour System focus on around sustainability,”says Michael Schwartz.

The collaboration with EcoCocon also extends to the innovation project about sustainability and digitization, which aims to map processes, documentation requirements, and application from requirements for design and construction to final operation.

Our new plugin for Autodesk Revit has attracted a lot of interest all over Europe. The tool is called AjourObjects and is free in the basic version.

”After the introduction of the solution, it is clear that design studios save time, as the manufacturers’ drawing objects are always available in a toolbar in Revit,”says Thomas Holm, the Technical Consultant at Ajour System and continues:

“Designers do not have to spend so much time looking for objects, which results in the design studio streamlining its work. Our solution is cloud-based, meaning architects always have updated BIM objects at hand. They can use and reuse them across different projects and avoid having to rely on outdated information on local drives”..

Great BIM content requires industry knowledge

It requires both technical knowledge as well as industry and design experience to understand the challenge of preparing BIM content that also offers high-quality data. This is exactly our priority and ambition with the collaboration: To deliver quality to our customers via AjourObjects.

We help ensure that the BIM content we publish on the platform meets the requirements of the industry to be simple and efficient to use, containing only necessary data. We do this by linking Ajour System’s strong industry solutions and digital know-how with EcoCocon’s professional competence and experience in delivering a quality product.

You can read more about how to access AjourObjects here:

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