The construction has now been handed over from the contractor to the client and operations are started. The utilization of the building starts, which means that all the building’s systems begin to be loaded and must therefore be monitored. The maintenance department now needs all the operational documentation, which was prepared in the design and execution phase to understand how the individual systems and building parts are to be maintained.




BIM data in the maintenance phase

After working with the BIM model in the design phase, there is often a need to extract the data. Here, AjourCollab helps manage operating data. The data model itself and all objects are used from AjourCollab, without the use of Revit, and it is thus possible to continue working with them in AjourFM.

Planned operation

When the execution is completed, the building must be operated. The operation consists of various planning tools, in Ajour we make things easy and simple. AjourFM helps the construction parties to deliver relevant operational information in a simple platform, where information about the building part is the central focal point.

It is often seen that a contractor submits operating data as data sheets – this can give operators or builders a lot of work to extract relevant information about, for example, maintenance in relation to warranty, operating intervals, and activities. This is done simply by delivering the correct information ready for operation with known principles such as operating plans which are based on building components and job maps that can be accessed and answered via our app or website. Read more about AjourFM and building element card maps.

Ad hoc – operation

When there is a need for ad-hoc operation, AjourInspect is a good place to gather all the ongoing tasks. Here, the operations department gets a simple approach to the location of the task, who is responsible, and what needs to be improved. It is easy to gather the tasks into contracts or send them to relevant craftsmen, directly from the app. The operational task is created quickly and easily on an app with the option of various subject lists or checklists, etc. Read more about task management in AjourInspect.

Project documentation

In AjourBox, all data sheets, as-built drawings, and other relevant files/documents on the case are gathered. Quickly accessible from the app or on the web. Read more about AjourBox as a project web for project coordination and operating material.

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