New collaboration ensures the quality of product data in the BIM models

The collaboration between Ajour System A/S and IKT-lederne ApS aims to ensure the quality of data in the BIM models.

The quality of data in BIM models is crucial for the designers to evaluate the quality of design options based on e.g., sustainability, buildability, and other performance criteria, but the process is often a process, that is full of challenges. Way too often, available BIM content does not meet the requirements of the designers. There is a need for BIM content of proper quality.

“We want to do something about the fact that too much BIM content cannot be used by the designers because it either contains too much, too little, or incorrect information”
, says Asmus Larsen from Ajour System A/S.

Feedback from the industry

What our customers tell us is that they lack qualitative BIM content and producer data which is created and adapted to the conditions, working methods, and processes under which the designers work.

Much of the BIM content cannot be used by the designers because it either contains too much, too little, or incorrect information and does not meet the requirements for geometry. Therefore, Ajour System A/S and IKT-lederne ApS have entered a collaboration on the development of BIM content and producer data of high quality that meets the requirements of the designers.

Great BIM content requires industry knowledge

It requires both technical knowledge as well as industry and design experience to understand the challenge of producing BIM content that has high-quality data. This is exactly our priority and ambition with the collaboration: To deliver quality to our customers via AjourObjects.

AjourObjects is a cloud-based Content Management platform that ensures consistent content that is always available and up to date. In AjourObjects, the search for objects takes place directly in the design platform Autodesk Revit. The objects are quickly found by name, properties, or other search criteria.

We have connected Ajour System’s strong industry solutions and digital know-how with IKT-lederne’s professional competence and experience from some of the largest companies in the industry. Our collaboration contributes to the BIM content that we publish on the platform meets the requirements of the industry to be simple, efficient to use, and only contain the necessary data.

We chose to start the collaboration with Ajour System, among other things because we saw the opportunity in sharing the BIM content that we produce daily. That way, others besides us can get value out of it. We experience that many smaller companies do not have the resources or know-how to maintain or create content for their daily needs, and therefore we want to contribute to the broad part of the industry.” Símon Ólafsson, IKT-lederne ApS.

How do we solve it?

With AjourObjects, the designers get direct access to supplier content via the Ajour System’s Autodesk Revit plugin. The solution is continuously expanded with BIM content from suppliers and manufacturers.

About us

IKT-lederne ApS has broad experience from the AEC industry and has worked across all professional groups on large projects and partnerships. The company uses its experience and knowledge to accomplish demand analysis and thereby ensure that they help companies where it is necessary to help. They constantly aim to be among the market’s leading consulting companies when it comes to knowledge and project management within BIM and ICT. Link to the contact form:

Ajour System A/S is a market-leading supplier of intelligent digital solutions developed in cooperation with industry experts and the latest technology. With our solutions, we bring the construction parties together to deliver quality, sustainably with fewer resources, flexible processes, and satisfied customers.

You can sign up for AjourObjects here: and subsequently download our Autodesk Revit plugin, which gives you access directly to Autodesk Revit.

If you want to get your supplier products on AjourObjects, you can contact us at:

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