New digital initiative to lead the Funen construction industry to the top

Ajour System has become a member of MiljøForum Fyn, which is part of Udvikling Fyn. We expect an enriching collaboration, especially within the new dimension – the Digitization of Construction – which MiljøForum Fyn has focused on.

The collaboration to strengthen innovation and digitalization in the Funen construction industry consists of local construction companies and research units from the University of Southern Denmark merged with the Odense-based and innovative software company, Ajour System.

The ink is barely dry on a new membership agreement between Ajour and MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri before the two become partners in a new collaboration on the digitalization of construction. The project ‘Digital conversion and innovation collaborations’supported by Syddansk Vækstforum and the EU´s Regional Fund deals with BIG data in construction and the use of BIM models from design to execution and operation. Ajour is the prime participant in the project in collaboration with SDU Software Engineering at the Maersk McKinney Møller Institute in Odense, where Funen construction companies, such as Ingeniør’ne and NJ Gruppen A/S participate as test companies.

As one of Funen’s only software providers for the Nordic construction industry, we have the experience and professional expertise to contribute with new angles when it comes to the digitalization of construction. Construction is one of society’s major economic engines and therefore increased productivity has been a high priority on society’s agenda for many years. At Ajour, we have proven that digital tools can create value in the construction industry with the 17,000 users we have on the system.

With the new collaboration, we aim to get as much focus on the digitalization of construction as the robots on Funen have succeeded in” says Asmus Larsen, BIM consultant at Ajour System

The project, which was recently mentioned by Fyens Stiftstidende, is part of MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri’s new focus area “Digitization in construction”, which among other things will promote the use of new digital technologies for the benefit and use of Funen construction companies.

“Suppliers of digital technologies are a new link in the construction value chain, and therefore it is crucial that they are involved in development projects together with construction companies and knowledge institutions,” says Birgitte Munch, business developer at MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri. “Digital technologies have great potential for streamlining construction and creating better construction products, which is why we also warmly welcome Ajour as a member of MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

At Ajour System, we seek to unfold an agile mindset in our digital toolbox. The agile way of thinking offers continuous adaptation, development, and change of the software, and with our spread in the construction and property industry, we experience that our palette of tools creates great value for the players. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to share our experiences within digital processes and tools for large parts of players in the construction industry. Ajour contributes not only with digital products, but also a concrete know-how in the form of consulting services for:

  • Management, supervision, and deficiencies, etc.
  • Document management, drawings and tenders for quantity extractions and quotation lists, etc.
  • Implementation and clarification of needs of BIM

Among other things, we have been involved in designing and implementing Defence’s ICT and tender strategy for the Danish Defence Property Agency.

What does the collaboration with MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri provide?

Ajour System is evolving together with our growing Ajour platform. This year alone, we have hired seven new employees with competencies and knowledge of the construction of digital processes as well as software development and marketing. With our latest product series ‘AjourBIM’, we are centrally located in the rapid development towards a future characterized by digital tools that must interact.

“We expect MiljøForum Fyn – Byggeri and the network’s members to contribute with inputs and new relationships because that is exactly what it takes to gain new insight into a rapidly growing construction industry. We see the network’s latest efforts as a unique opportunity to bring together digital enthusiasts for a new and exciting network with a sharpened interest in the digitalization of construction.” – René Mortensen, CEO Ajour System

René Mortensen continues: “We enter into the collaboration to create some practical solutions and IT tools that remove the complex layer. In this way, all construction parties get the opportunity to use the new technologies and get the full benefit of the construction industry.

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