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18. October 2017

Ajour System A/S has opened an office in Iceland

To celebrate that Ajour Ísland is a reality and already has several important clients, we went to Iceland and held an opening reception at Nordic House in Reykjavik. 

CEO René Mortensen and consultant Morten Rafn attended together with our Icelandic team consisting of Jóhannes Barkarson and Magnús Jónsson.

“We are extremely pleased and proud to represent Ajour Ísland with an effective product and even in the Icelandic language. This is a huge plus! In addition, it is an obvious advantage that the entire implementation of Ajour is done in Icelandic by Icelanders – which also applies to the sale and support of the system. We see that as something that gives our Icelandic customers considerable value,” say Jóhannes Barkarson and Magnús Jónsson.

About the establishment of Ajour Ísland, René Mortensen, CEO of Ajour System, says:
It is an amazing experience to come to Iceland and be so well received. Icelanders are open to and welcome new technologies and methods, and we are pleased to be able to supply effective digital tools to the Icelandic construction and property industry. At the same time we would like to thank ÍAV and Efla for speaking about their practical experience and use of Ajour at the reception."