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27. November 2017

Ajour System A/S & Symetri have signed a partner agreement

The cooperation will unite the forces of the two enterprises to expand the offering on the European market.

The agreement implies that Ajour System A/S will handle the marketing and sales as well as take part in the further development of BIMeye. This includes the handling, implementation and support of the solution. In order to be able to offer the efficiency opportunities of the technology to their customers, Ajour System A/S will focus on BIM as an important business area in the coming years – which will in turn complement their existing digital toolbox.

The Nordic company, Symetri, that delivers process optimised IT solutions for the building and facility management industry, has developed the cloud based BIM database, BIMeye, that Ajour System A/S now can add to their digital toolbox in their new business area, AjourBIM.

BIMeye is the platform of the future for handling information across the industry’s diverse BIM programmes and projects. This information management system gives the user a unique access to handling and structuring BIM data efficiently.

”Symetri has chosen Ajour System A/S as our partner as they are locally represented, they have the right competency and they are a well-established company with a broad user-group,“ says Mats Persson, Director of Project Services Business Unit, Symetri.

The aim with the cooperation is to create long-term sustainable prerequisites for both Symetri and Ajour Systems A/S for meeting the existing and future needs for efficient processes in the planning phases in the building industry, where being able to handle BIM data efficiently are key. 

“I am looking forward to a good and long cooperation with Symetri as leading actor within the BIM area and a very trustworthy partner. Despite the fact that we are a somewhat smaller enterprise than Symetri, we feel worthy of our new role and trust that we in our cooperation will be an important player within development and sales of BIM tools”, Rene Mortensen says, CEO at  Ajour Systems A/S.

About Ajour System A/S

Ajour System A/S holds the digital tool box of the building and facility management industries and offers one entire solution with both web and app for all phases in the construction, including project web, procurement portal, construction management, quality assurance and building elements cards for administration and maintenance.  i

Ajour System A/S is a Danish company with 18 employees of which some are developers and some are consultants. Since 2009 the company has developed, sold and implemented the Ajour system, which today is one of the most employed and tested digital tools in both the Danish and the Icelandic building and facility management industry. Ajour System A/S was awarded with the prize Gazelle 2017.

About Symetri

With more than 300 employees and 100,000 users, we help innovative companies in the building industry, in facility management and in the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe to optimise their processes, manage facility data, simplify the data management and improve the quality throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Symetri  is 100% owned by Addnode Group.