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09. January 2020

New collaboration between Molio and Ajour System.

We start the year 2020 by announcing a new collaboration between Molio's price data and Ajour System.

The collaboration deals with the new platform AjourObjects, which is a brand new BIM product from Ajour System. We now have the option of providing a so-called 'Content Management System (CMS)' to Revit. Here, all information from the BIM objects becomes possible to use or reuse across projects.

In collaboration with Molio, we have produced 1,300 BIM objects from the Red Price Book, and you can now search all the information from Molio's price database directly in Revit. 

Your company can also get its own private system to collect all of the company's BIM objects centrally, and easily share your quality assured objects with your colleagues and / or partners.

In AjourObjects, you can upload and search all of your company's objects through our Revit plug-in. Contact us here to hear more or try a free version