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18. March 2021

New collaboration with Phønix Tag Materialer ensures the quality of product data in the BIM models 

Design professionals will now have an easier working day with sketching and designing buildings. Phønix Tag Materialer launches its range of products on AjourObject’s digital platform which makes it easier for professionals to find and use the right BIM objects.

The quality of data in BIM models is crucial for the designers to evaluate the quality of design options based on e.g., sustainability, buildability, and other performance criteria, but the process is often a process, that is full of challenges. Way too often, available BIM-content does not meet the requirements of the designers. There is a need for BIM-content of proper quality.

Our content solution for Autodesk Revit has attracted huge interest from all over Europe that the tool predicts a future as a new Danish export success. The tool is called AjourObjects, and the basic version is free.

During the development of the solution, Ajour System has collaborated with several industry-leading design companies, as well as the Danish roofing manufacturer, Phønix Tag Materialer, that wants to make its BIM-objects more accessible for the users.

” After the introduction of the solution, it is obvious that the design companies save time because the manufacturers’ BIM objects are directly available in a toolbar in Revit,” says Thomas Holm, the Technical Consultant at Ajour System. He continues:

”- The design company streamlines its work, as the designers do not have to spend time searching for objects. The solution is Cloud-based, designers always have the updated BIM objects at hand and can use and reuse them across projects without having to rely on updated information on local drives,” says Thomas Holm.

Phønix Tag Materialers library contains over 100 different Revit objects, available in 2D and 3D. The main part of the library consists of detailed components of materials typically used for detailing, such as bricks, construction wood, and plasterboards.

Quality BIM content requires industry knowledge

It requires both technical knowledge as well as industry and design experience to understand the challenge of producing BIM content that has high-quality data. This is exactly our priority and ambition with the collaboration: To deliver quality to our customers via AjourObjects.

We have connected Ajour System’s strong industry solutions and digital know-how with Phønix Tag Materialer’s professional product competence and experience. The collaboration contributes to the BIM content that we publish on the platform meets the requirements of the industry to be simple, efficient to use, and only contain the necessary data.

Are you curious to know how to access AjourObjects? Read more here:

You can also read about it at Phønix Tag Materialer:

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