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09. September 2021

One of the biggest municipalities in Iceland is now using Ajour System

In the year 2021, the municipality of Árborg decided to digitalize its project and quality management. Today, 6 months later, Árborg municipality is in the full implementation of all Ajour System’s digital solutions. 

Árborg municipality is located on the south coast of Iceland with a population of approx. 11.000 inhabitants and is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Iceland when it comes to intensifying infrastructure.

The administration’s vision on digitalization and quality management is to work in the Ajour environment using the platforms. On this basis, the documentation of all the buildings stays within the municipality, which is an incredibly important asset to have for the future of the building.

Today the municipality has fully implemented the AjourTender platform for all their tender projects. The consultants and all others involved in the tender are working on the same platform without difficulties. The implementation itself was a clear and easy process and did not take more than two tender projects to understand. Today the consultants are able to use and manage the tender platform without any technical support.

As mentioned, the municipality is the fastest-growing municipality when it comes to intensifying infrastructure. Árborg uses AjourBox for all documentation processing in all their projects. All those who are involved in the projects use AjourBox as well, from designers (architects, engineers) to contractors. 

Documents are reviewed through the AjourBox and AjourInspect platforms. Decision‐making between designers and advisers and owners based on the review of the design is discussed, reviewed, and followed up on in the AjourInspect platform. Email discussions with multiple attachments are being reduced due to the Inspect platform. A huge benefit for the follow-up on the review.

When it comes to all documentation of quality in their projects, Árborg wants all contractors to document their quality assurance in the Árborgs AjourQA platform. Árborg believes that their buildings should have all these quality assurances with them for the benefit of the operation management. As well they want to be able to follow the process during the building process itself. 

Árborg operates and runs about 55 buildings and growing. For the benefit of keeping track of all maintenance of their building, they will use AjourInspect. All maintenance will be documented and followed up on in the AjourInspect platform. The maintenance story of every building that they own will be accessed in a very easy way for all future maintenance and statistic.

We are very proud of the collaboration with the municipality of Árborg, which uses our user-friendly solutions for all the phases of the building projects, containing project web, tender portal, construction management, and quality assurance.