Ajour makes BIM simple

At Ajour, we are experiencing an increased demand for solutions that bind the design phase, execution, and operation together. The digital building models must be made usable throughout the value chain.

Therefore, we have launched a new initiative to integrate BIM models and information into the Ajour platform. The vision is that digitalisation must be simple, user-friendly and free up time while increasing the quality of the projects. 

This new development is well underway, and we already have three new products for the designers and contractors who work with BIM, quantity, and design in general. 

  • AjourObjects - Connect all your Revit content in one database and search for all properties. Possibility of price integration directly in Revit. Get information about U values, prices, sound properties and the lifetime of your objects while you are designing.
  • AjourQTO - The fastest and most simple tool for quantity take off for Revit. Live link between Revit and Excel. 
  • 3D BIM/IFC viewer directly in AjourBox. Free upload of IFC files for all our customers. Connect all your models from different disciplines in one view in AjourBox.

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Interface showing AjourObjects


AjourObjects is a ’Content Management System’ (CMS) which ensures that families never disappear in your organisation. Share all your objects in the cloud, both system and component families, and get control of all your warehouse files and family folders once and for all. Keep all your objects in one database and search for families of relevant values, properties, names, etc. 

Get access to all of the company's families in real time and share your families with your colleagues. You ensure that the model is not filled with BIM objects that are not used, and you increase the efficiency of your design process, significantly. 

Molio price data for AjourObjects

As something completely unique, we offer access to all Molios data - a Danish price and property database, directly in Revit. You get 1,300 BIM objects that match the building objects from Molio's database - absolutely free. Get AjourObjects as a CMS system, where it is possible to integrate different object libraries and search for prices, U values, etc.

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Demonstration of AjourQTO's web-interface

AjourQTO – Free plugin for quantity take off

AjourQTO (quantity take off) is the market's easiest tool for extracting quantities from Revit models to Excel.

Excel live-link creates a unique overview of both the model and Excel. Click on a component in Revit or Excel, and the chosen building object immediately lights up in the opposite program.

AjourQTO is used, for example, to create an overview of door diagrams or tender list items in the model. Excel live-link links your priced quantities in Excel with their location in the model.

The tool is free but requires that you have a Revit license.

AjourQTO and extraction of data and quantities to Excel

  • Select the components you want to extract to Excel and export them with a single click.
  • On walls, you get gross and net quantities for windows and doors. In this way, you get exact quantities to meet the needs of trade contractors, and you can be certain that everybody can use them.

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Demonstration of 3D BIM viewer

3D BIM/IFC viewer

We have added a BIM viewer to AjourBox, which is free for all Ajour users. In the viewer you can view 3D models in our web interface, which creates an overview and gives you the opportunity to communicate about design and constructability in your projects.

All you have to do is upload an IFC file to AjourBox, then sync with the BIM viewer. Gathering all the discipline models in the same view, you are always ensured an overview in the design process while at the same time project review is made easier for all the building operators.

All building objects appear in the property explorer to the right and you can view the data and properties of each building object. Set different filters on the graphical view to quickly find the desired views in the model.

The viewer is available on all devices, and therefore always right at hand - whether it is in the studio or at the construction site.

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