Reliable document control – when documents are in a digital format nothing gets lost

AjourBox is a complete and valid Project Web for handling documents and drawings relating to your property or construction project and can be used from the design phase through to handover and subsequent operation. It is easy to share and access your documents when on the road or at the office. AjourBox saves all files and documents in one place and gives all contractors quick and easy access to the project material. Thanks to the automatic revision control, project members always open the latest version of all documents. 

AjourBox is the cornerstone of Ajour and can be used across all products. All events are logged, and notifications are distributed about changes and new documents. In AjourBox, access is governed by rights, and it is easy to allocate specific folders to specific companies or users, so that the company or user only has access to allocated folders. 

To make your life easy, we have integrated standards for folder structure, and you can also create and import your own standards. AjourBox complies with the requirements for Project Web in the ICT Executive Order. 


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The benefits of AjourBox

Secure hosting

Data is stored in a secure environment at our professional hosting centre with secure Internet connections, access control, cooling and monitoring. The system is backed up daily to an external server and location.

Easy file administration and sharing

AjourBox gives all users easy access to the project material and by allocating rights you can control who can see folders and files, edit, upload new files and publish. 


The file preview function gives you a quick overview of the content of the file, for example the drawings, so that you download the right file the first time.

Import folder structure

You can use our integrated Molio (Bips) standards for your folder structure, or you can create and import your own folder structure.

Complete history

AjourBox contains a complete log of all events showing who has, for example, downloaded, edited or reviewed the file.

Company and Project Web

AjourBox is more than just a Project Web. With AjourBox you can also store all the company's internal documents.

Always at hand. Works everywhere

Document and file sharing has never been easier. Review and share your files everywhere, any time. 

AjourBox can be accessed from web browsers or as an app on smartphones and tablets. Designed to work with both Apple and Android. 


3D BIM/IFC viewer

3D BIM/IFC viewer

We have added a BIM viewer to AjourBox, which is free for all Ajour users. In the viewer you can view 3D models in our web interface, which creates an overview and gives you the opportunity to communicate about design and constructability in your projects.

All you have to do is upload an IFC file to AjourBox, then sync with the BIM viewer. Gathering all the discipline models in the same view, you are always ensured an overview in the design process while at the same time project review is made easier for all the building operators.

All building objects appear in the property explorer to the right and you can view the data and properties of each building object. Set different filters on the graphical view to quickly find the desired views in the model.

The viewer is available on all devices, and therefore always right at hand - whether it is in the studio or at the construction site.

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