Get full insight into the BIM-project

AjourCollab is an efficient collaboration platform enabling you to handle the ICT requirements of the project, manage building element data and make quick composition of tender lists with quantities.

The quality of the project material is increased and sharing project information among key persons and working structured with all building element data all becomes quite easy.

With AjourCollab defects are reduced, the quality is improved, and you save time and obtain control over the project economy.

ICT- and data management

Those, who have worked with ICT-management, are aware of the problem with creating an overview of the properties and parameters of the project. You choose which way to synchronize data – whether it is from Revit to AjourCollab – or vice versa – or if the data should be kept outside Revit in an external environment. You are ensured that project changes to building elements or quantities are documented and logged in the system.

AjourCollab joins all your property values and adds value lists to specific parameters – and you are ensured an ultra-fast filling out of property data. The BIM-platform supports Keynotes and multiline text and ensures that your drawing annotations are always updated.

You save time and may relax because you are sure of the ICT quality of the project.

Building element journal

An updated building element journal is often more of a wish than reality. What exists in the model and what has been manually added? It takes time to maintain and assure quality of the building elements of the project, however, here is a place where you can follow the project with change log on quantities and properties on the building elements.

With AjourCollab you get a place in which to manage and import all your Revit objects (types and instances). Build and save and filter the building elements of the project in the view you wish – e.g. after building element name, category, classification, or floor – the choice is yours.

All Revit quantities are exported and shown in AjourCollab this way they can be used in the tender list module. Export your building element journal to Excel and fill out possible missing values and import them into the system.

You are always sure of an updated and synchronized building element journal. AjourCollab provides you with a secure process which increases the quality of the project and thereby the profits.

Tender lists

Tender lists or bill of quantities come in many different forms and content and composing them may be very time consuming, and there are often worries whether everything has been updated and included.

AjourCollab collects all your Revit objects with quantities and manual posts. With just a few clicks you can export the lists to Excel in an optional sorting after e.g. contract, work or building element parameter.

Send the list to the bidders or use it as part of your tender, e.g. in AjourTender. Compare the incoming offers quickly.

The process becomes very quick and with almost surgical precision you can compose your tender list and ensure consistency with which you ensure that the construction is priced at a correct basis.

Whitelist Concept

Have you experienced challenges when preparing and distributing the right building elements for your new Revit project? How do you ensure that everybody is using the same approved content? Are you interested in simplifying and improving this process and in following in which models your content is used?

Create standard Whitelists with relevant content for different project types and get an ultra-fast project configuration.

What is a Whitelist Concept?  

We have integrated AjourObjects in AjourCollab. Here you can select the objects from your building element database in AjourObjects that you wish to use in your new project. You can make pre-defined “order lists” on building elements which are to be part of the project.

With Ajour´s Whitelist Concept you optimize the quality of your models and save a lot of time.