Challenges in the industry

Companies of the construction industry are constantly challenged by building owners who require more detailed construction information from project to project. How do you manage and ensure quality assurance of the content which is used to deliver expectations and requirements?

AjourCollab is a BIM Content Management System (CMS) working at the very heart of the eco-system of your company and of the project. AjourCollab maximizes quality, control, and the value of your digital content.

AjourContent is your only single source of truth of all BIM-content ensuring your project deliveries each time.


AjourObjects is a Content Management System (CMS) for Revit. Here you have one place to access and maintain all your building element data. In AjourObjects you re-use – and search in building element information like e.g. object name, U-value, fire properties etc. And we support the workflow for the architect, the engineer and material manufacturer.

AjourObjects replaces the local pathfinder and warehouse files with a database in the cloud. You are ensured uniform data which is always available and updated. In AjourObjects the search for objects is done directly in Revit. Get full insight into who and what is used by AjourObjects and re-use all your objects across projects – quite simple.



An efficient collaboration platform which, among other things, handles the ICT requirements of the project, manages building element data, and ensures a quick composition of tender lists.

Provides the project organization with the option to manage the data and content of the BIM-models quite easily. Get live insight and keep the entire team updated with the newest information. The gain here is a better quality and a quick overview of the entire project for new project participants. You increase the efficiency of the project and reduce the total risk.

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