Document operations and keep the guarantee in force

AjourFM is used to prepare digital operation and maintenance material at project handover and for subsequent operation and servicing of the building. AjourFM makes it easier for you to collate your data, so you no longer need rows of binders. In addition, your data is structured, which makes it easy to find something later on.

You or the contractor in charge enter operation data on online building information cards and link relevant maintenance manuals for the subsequent operation of the building. The completed building information cards form the basis of an operation plan that gives you an overview and facilitates operation and maintenance of the property, which in turn keeps the guarantee in force. 

  • Quick overview of the status of completed building information cards
  • Allocate persons in charge on the different building information cards
  • Manage operations with detailed job maps
  • Create ad hoc tasks
  • Integrated Project Web, AjourBox, for archiving of all operations material

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The benefits of AjourFM

Online database with building information cards

All operating material is gathered in one place and structured in identical ways, which makes it easy to search for the desired information.

Operation plans and task calendar

Perform systematic maintenance of the property directly from your mobile using the detailed job maps.

Report generator and data export

It is easy to print and save directly to AjourBox, so you don’t have to manage stacks of prints.

Classification according to CCS, SfB, FVK

The building element table can be classified according to SfB, CCS or FVK depending on the project.

BIM data import

Use your BIM data model in Ajour to import building information cards.

Find data

Operation and maintenance data is easy to find and access. Anytime and anywhere. 

Easy creation and printing of building information cards

With the help of an operation database you can adjust your building information cards to suit your current project and link relevant datasheets, contacts regarding the guarantee, etc. 

The contractors responsible complete their own building information cards, which are subsequently finalised and approved by the lead project manager.

It is easy to print all or selected building information cards including attached files, or you can export the PDF to AjourBox, which will manage all your documents for you.

Online graphic building element table

You create your building information cards in an online operation database. The building information cards form the basis of your operations plan, which is used to document the maintenance of your building sections, so that the guarantee remains in force.

The graphic building element table can be created according to CCS, SfB or FVK’s building section structure and gives you a quick overview of the status of completed building information cards.