Effective digital tool for the construction and property industry

Manage your property or construction project with AjourInspect. The documentation of the construction process will be both easier and better during execution, at handover and in connection with the deficiency assessment.

Building projects involve many parties, and it can be a challenge to coordinate and track all tasks across a project. We have a solution for that. With AjourInspect you can conduct inspections and make entries while at the construction site and allocate tasks to relevant people on the spot. You can link a description, photos, comments and GPS coordinates to the individual entry.

You always have an overview of the current status and who is to perform the different tasks. AjourInspect can be used for all sizes of contracts and creates a collaboration platform, where all participants in the project are kept up to date and informed, so no changes go unnoticed. 

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Use your smartphone or tablet to prepare:


Document the condition of the building before the start of the project. If you haven't uploaded a drawing, you can create a photo drawing for entries on the spot and link your photos, description, etc.

Project notes and technical enquiries

Project notes or technical enquiries are used to manage and document project questions, changes and other enquiries that require some form of action in the project.

1 and 5-year inspections

You have access to all the data about the building project from the handover and any deferred flaws and deficiencies, so it becomes easy for you to perform your 1 and 5-year inspections and supplement with further documentation and recording of deficiencies that need to be remedied.

Flaws and deficiencies

Enter deficiencies as and when you find them. Indicate the position on the drawing, and link images and descriptions as well as the name of the person responsible for the repair. Deficiencies can be reported as finalised and be closed on the spot, and you have the option of adding comments and photos.

Construction and progress reports

Use checklists to inspect the building or the project and make sure that all the relevant parts have been checked. You can create your own checklists, which you can use again and again and adapt to other projects.

Technical inspection and safety review

Inspection notes are used to effectively control and manage quality, progress and safety in the project. Create and use tailored checklists with matching control plans to inspect the construction project or check safety.

Effective recording and follow-up in the field 

With AjourInspect to manage your construction process from the turning of the first sod until completion, you can provide effective control of quality and tasks.

You get a better end result when tasks are completed in a steady flow, which results in a much better handover with fewer deficiencies and a satisfied developer. An effective process saves a lot of resources. 

You can make entries directly on the drawing while on the construction site, and you can link photos, text and checklists. As part of the same process, you can allocate the job to the right company and individuals, and they will automatically be informed about the job by e-mail.

All the data is linked to the annotations on the drawing, which is automatically given a number when you synchronise. The recipients only see the entries they are responsible for carrying out and can sort and filter the entries.

Quick overview of the status of the construction process from your office

Ajour makes it easy to set up inspection notes, deficiencies or project notes to colleagues or consultants in your construction project. Entries are made and documented in the field with location, drawings, photos, text, etc. with the help of AjourApp and can be administered from the office. Get up and running quickly with AjourWeb. It requires no installation and can be accessed directly from your web browser.

On AjourWeb you can quickly get an overview of the status of the individual entry. Entries are colour-coded and categorised according to their status as created, completed, rejected, not approved or finalised. As an entry is created, repaired and approved, the colour changes, as does the number in the status field. 

Printing reports

Avoid wasting time composing reports. The Ajour system automatically generates reports for you in PDF format for printing and submission. You can print all entries at once, including photo documentation, description and drawing or select the specific entries you want to print.