AjourObjects - A Content Management System for the entire industry

The aim of Ajour System is to make digitization of the construction industry simpler and user friendly. BIM is a complex discipline, however, now it becomes significantly easier to handle.

We have developed AjourObjects, which is a Content Management System (CMS), for Revit. Here you may access and maintain all your building component cards.

Accessing AjourObjects you re-use und search for building component information, e.g. object name, U-values, fire properties etc. And we support the workflow for the architect, the engineer and the material manufacturers with the following products:

AjourObjects – private cloud for architects and engineers. Learn more

AjourObjects - Molio integration Learn more

AjourObjects – Manufacturers. Learn more

AjourObjects – BIM cloud management for Revit

Ajour Objects replaces the local pathfinder and warehouse files with a database in the cloud.  You are ensured uniform data which is always available and updated. In AjourObjects you search for objects directly in Revit by means of a simple toolbar in Revit´s ribbon. You will find the objects quickly by name or properties.

Upload your objects to the database of the project team quickly. Get full insight into who is using what in AjourObjects by means of a dashboard. And re-use all your objects across projects – quite easily.   

AjourObjects ensures that you are always able to find objects by means of the clever search function and use them again and again. Find the objects, that you are missing, quickly and make sure that the models do not get unnecessarily heavy.

Molio price data for AjourObjects 

Get 1,300 BIM-objects that match the building components of the red Molio price book.

As something quite unique we are offering access to all Molio data from the red Molio price book directly in Revit.  You get 1,300 BIM-objects that match the building components of the red price book – for free. Get AjourObjects as CMS-system in which it is possible to integrate different object libraries and search for prices, U-values etc. We make sure that your Molio license is coupled with AjourObjects.  

As a user you save time and increase your efficiency. In just a few seconds you will easily find the Revit objects, that you are using, with our search function directly in Revit.

read about molio

AjourObjects.com - Manufacturers

Is a new way of working with BIM-objects. Instead of downloading the object file, you download a program for Revit, a so-called plug-in. Through this plug-in you will get direct access to all our objects from our business partners and Danish material manufacturers.   

We are constantly expanding the database, creating an even more extensive database with the building components that you are familiar with.  

Do not worry that your models will be full of useless parameters and data – you yourself choose which data you wish to connect.

The building component is for free use – download plug-in here.

AjourQTO – free plug-in for extracting quantities

AjourQTO (quantity take off) is the easiest tool for extracting quantities from Revit models to Excel.

Excel live-link creates a unique overview of the model and Excel. Click a component in Revit or Excel and the chosen building component will lighten up in the opposite program.

AjourQTO is applied, for instance, to create an overview of door-schemes or the posts of the tender lists in the model. Excel live-link connects your priced quantities in Excel with the placement in the model.

The tool is free of charge, however, it requires that you have a Revit license.

AjourQTO and extraction of data and quantities to Excel

  • Mark the components that you wish to extract to Excel and export them with one click.
  • You can have gross and net quantities for windows and doors. This way you have exact quantities targeted at the needs of the professional contracts and a guarantee that everybody can use them.

get the plugin for free