Minimise construction errors with AjourQA

AjourQA is a digital tool for quality assurance and photo documentation. You improve the quality of your documentation, because it is prepared and completed as and when the work is being performed. You therefore also avoid spending extra time on administrative work at the office later on. 

AjourBox is an integral part of AjourQA, where the project's work drawings and documents are shared with tradesmen on their smartphones or tablets, which makes it easier to perform the work correctly and document the ongoing quality assurance. You get a good overview, and the system automatically generates prints and reports in PDF format for submission.

  • If you have the required authorisation, the system can be used in connection with audits, as it is easy to find the documentation you need for each individual case.
  • With AjourBox as an integrated Project Web everyone always has easy access to project materials and drawings. 

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Use your smartphone or tablet to prepare:

Control upon taking over

Before you start working, you can use AjourQA to document that the underlying material from the previous contractor complies with the requirements and margins described in the tender documents.

Control upon receipt

You can take photos of the supplied materials and the delivery note. The place of delivery can be marked on a drawing or with the help of GPS coordinates. You always have access to delivery notes in the system and only need to look in one place.

Performance control

Checklists are used to conduct performance control by making marks on a drawing, completing your inspection schedule and linking photos of the inspected work. You can search the entries and find precisely the documentation you need.

Deviation reports

In case of deviations compared with what was agreed, the system can be used to document the scope of the deviation. You can generate a PDF report and send it to the developer.

Final inspection and master review

Documentation for the completed work is easy to prepare by using checklists and attaching photos. By using the system for a master review, the number of delivery items can be minimised.

Documenting additional work

Use AjourQA to record additional work, so your documentation is in order before you submit the invoice.

Get started quickly

With Ajour you are off to a quick start. It requires no installation. You can log on to AjourQA anywhere from a web browser. Create your projects and allocate users, and you are ready to perform quality assurance at a construction site or a production line. 


Precise photo documentation

Avoid late nights at the office and doubts about exactly where you created your entry. You achieve a better result, because you can make an entry directly on the drawing, for the right case and the right locality, while you are on the construction site, and you can attach images, text and inspection schedules.


Built-in industry-specific inspection schedules

By using inspection schedules you ensure uniformity in all the company's files and lighten the load when opening new files. With the schedule at hand, you easily get an overview of what it is you have to check, and you can easily tick off items on your list and add comments.

Ajour supplies the templates you need to get going. If your company already has inspection schedules, we can help you load them on the system. They can also be made case-specific, depending on the requirements in the tender control plan.

The creation of inspection schedules takes place from the Ajour web area. You can create standard schedules for the company that serve as templates for new projects.

AjourQA’s inspection schedules are based on the Danish Construction Association, Byggeriets Kvalitetskontrol (Quality Assurance & Certification for Building and Construction in Denmark), the Danish Technological Institute and Danske Maskinstationer og Entreprenører (Danish Machinery Stations and Contractors), but they can easily be adapted to the individual company’s own control procedure.