Save time and resources with AjourTender

With AjourTender it is easy to create tenders and manage online tender processes. The entire process from tender specification to assessment of incoming offers becomes streamlined, which helps you save time and resources and reduce costs. You avoid spending time on administration and distribution of drawings and documents and on obtaining offers.

AjourTender provides a central place, where you can manage and show the status of all tenders. Bidders can easily download and print the tender documents and submit their offers with attachments directly in the system. Deadlines and alarms are easy to set, and bidders will be informed several times before a tender deadline expires, which helps ensure that offers are submitted in time.

  • It is possible to have several tenders for the same project
  • Creating tenders for contracting work
  • Overview of incoming offers and prices
  • Create allocation and selection criteria for the tender
  • Complies with the ICT Executive Order
  • Integrated Project Web, AjourBox with version and revision control

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The benefits of AjourTender

Straightforward creation

The program easily guides you through the creation and uploading of tender documents, splitting of the tender into different contracts and control of access to bidders.

Tender documents

Quick and easy upload of tender documents to AjourBox, which automatically checks for new revisions and versions and notifies all bidders about changes. 

Complete log and history

The system logs all events and gives you full traceability, so you can see who has downloaded the tender documents.

Questions and answers

Tenderers get an opportunity to ask questions anonymously. It is easy to create correction sheets, and they are visible to all bidders.

Submit offers online

Tenderers submit their offers online, and the company that is calling for offers cannot see the uploaded offers, until the deadline for submission of offers has passed.

Summary of results

AjourTender gives you a summary of the results and the possibility to quickly and easily publish the result, so that all bidders are notified.

Graphical overview

AjourTender gives you a quick graphical overview showing who wants to participate in the tender process, who has said no and who has not yet answered. It also gives you an opportunity to send a reminder to those who have not yet replied. Offers and supplementary files are uploaded, and during the tender process you can see who has uploaded offers, and who has yet to respond.



We have integrated the common European tender document, the “ESPD”, in our system. The document supports the same languages as the rest of the platform. You are free to apply it regardless if you are already a user of the Ajour products. If you wish to start an EU-Tender or any other kind of tender type, you are more than welcome to contact us for further information regarding the options of the AjourTender.

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