Schedule and requirements in construction are kept on track with digital construction management

If the construction is to keep the schedule, effective coordination and schedule management are required. There is money to be saved if the deadlines are met. The big question is: How does digital construction management provide value in the construction project?

Out-of-control and unrealistic schedules in construction are nothing new, and extra costs in construction are often seen in the same company. The problem must be solved by an ambitious but realistic schedule together with the right construction management tools, which is precisely one of Ajour’s core competencies. We aim to remove the complex layers of the digital tools so that the construction can benefit in time and money from the digitization.

Trørød Entreprise ready for digital construction management and free Project Web with Ajour

Trørød Entreprise is a construction company with a focus on quality throughout the project, right from the initial design phase until the final decisions have been made. The company emphasizes that the guidance and counseling of their customers are supported by experienced professionals so that the contract is always taken up at a higher level.

To ensure the high quality of Trørød Entreprise, they have now started using digital construction management with AjourInspect. The Inspect module will ensure that the construction management is always up-to-date, and with free Project Web in AjourBox they can always keep track of important project documents.
This means, among other things, that all parties during Trørød’s Entreprise’s projects are always updated with project notes, technical inquiries, errors, and defects as well as professional supervision and safety inspection rounds.

Do as Trørød Entreprise and keep the schedule in the construction with efficient construction management from AjourInspect – Contact us today for a free demo or get a good offer on our modules.

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