Tjele Entreprenørforretning and Dianalund Entreprise use an effective digital quality assurance tool that both improves quality and saves them time.

Tjele Entreprenørforretning uses AjourQA for quality assurance in all sewerage work. With AjourQA, they both achieve better QA documentation while saving time, because the quality assurance is made in connection with the work. Ajour shares the project’s floor plan with the craftsmen on their smartphones or tablets, which makes it easy to perform the daily QA

“We achieve a better end result because we can register directly on the drawing at the right case and location, while we are on the construction site and can attach pictures and text. It was a puzzle in the past, when we had taken pictures, they had to be saved and renamed afterward. AjourQA facilitates the workflow and the time savings are great. The quality assurance is much better, as the registrations are with date and time. ”

Niels Nielsen, Tjele Entreprenørforretning

Dianalund Entreprise is currently working on a project where Ajour is used by all parties – from consultant to the general contractor and to subcontractor. Here, Ajour functions as a communication platform and a project management tool that ensures a better end result and consistency in the project.

“It is an advantage that everything can be gathered on one system, and it gives a consistent result that everyone uses it. At the same time, we save time and get better documentation, because we always get the points placed correctly on the drawing, and we do not have to work a lot of evenings or weekends. ”

Ove Andersen, Dianalund Entreprise

Both companies are members of the industry association Danske Maskinstationer og Entreprenører (DM&E), which has presented them to Ajour, which has been tested and
recommended by DM&E.

“Since 2014, DM&E has, through a collaboration with Ajour System A/S, negotiated and supported AjourQA. With AjourQA, we have found a digital quality assurance tool that is flexible, user-friendly, and can accommodate the needs of all disciplines as well as both small and large companies.”

Søren Christensen, DM&E

Built-in checklists and control plans increase efficiency

Both construction companies see great value in AjourQA’s ‘built-in checklists and control plans, which offer great flexibility as it is possible to adapt and customize them
to the company’s individual needs and save as a company standard.

Provides structure and overview of the project

“AjourQA is an efficient and user-friendly tool for gathering all documents and drawings online and at the same time providing an overview of what we have of ongoing cases.”

Niels Nielsen, Tjele Entreprenørforretning

All beginnings are difficult, or are they?

“Ajour makes it easy and clear with a very user-friendly and intuitive system, and once they get started, they quickly discover that it is easy. We started using Ajour relatively early because we knew that digital quality assurance is the way forward, and we will not get around that. ”

Ove Andersen, Dianalund Entreprise

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