The construction industry is on the verge of rapid digital development

Now that the market is at its peak, digital tools in construction have never been more important.

There are more and more building and construction projects in these times, and that is good. However, due to the strong development in the construction industry, great demands are made on the correct administration of construction management. To stay competitive and efficient, digital construction tools are a foundation stone for the construction of the future. Our two new customers Hansen & Andersen A/S and Smart Gulf, both of which are companies that contribute to Danish construction, have noticed this. Hansen & Andersen is a company established in 1947. They perform general & turnkey contracts as well as individual trade contracts for companies, new construction, rebuilding, and renovation tasks for private individuals. At Hansen & Andersen, quality assurance is highly valued, and now they are ready to switch to digital quality assurance with Ajour System.

Smart Gulv is an experienced contractor company that has worked in the consulting and contracting industry for more than 30 years. They work with both new construction and renovation as well as construction management and scheduling.
The companies have observed the benefits of digital construction and noticed the importance of digital quality assurance in construction. With the digital tools from Ajour System, both companies get the opportunity for correct, simple, and accurate digital quality assurance of the work they perform in the Danish construction, which is exactly one of Ajour System’s objectives – to support the Danish construction with digital construction tools that make their working day easier.

Ajour System offers one complete solution for all phases of construction, which includes company and project web, tender platform, management and supervision, quality assurance, and building element cards for operation and maintenance.
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