The interest in digital tools among industry contractors is growing

More and more general contractors are demanding digital tools to be used in construction, and this helps to learn about construction software among the construction industry’s professional contractors. Ajour meets several companies which after a project with the main contractor, are still interested in using digital tools for quality and construction management.

During the year, Ajour System has been busy implementing our systems with new companies that see value in digital tools for construction.
The users are both large and small companies that will use Ajour’s digital toolbox for a little of everything – and one thing is clear: when we ask our AjourQA customers why they use digital tools for their projects, the answer is often that they, as professional contractors on other construction projects, have experienced how easy construction management and quality assurance can be.

Contractors continue the digital style: Experience from construction projects makes contractors eager to try digital construction management on their own projects.

If we look among our newest users on Ajour System, we see the same tendency. Rørskou El and Fyns Gulvmontage are two companies, both of which have become acquainted with Ajour System during collaborations on several projects managed by general contractors.

Rørskou El is a medium-sized company with more than 10 years of experience in the electricity industry. After several collaborations with general contractors, they are now ready to use Ajour for quality management at their large projects.

Fyns Gulvmontage is a flooring company found more than 30 years ago. With its headquarters on North Funen, they operate with 12-floor layers. Just like Rørskou El, they will use Ajour for quality management on larger projects.

In the future, both companies can look forward to using a PC, smartphone, or tablet to prepare, among other things, performance control with standardized control forms, and with the precise photo documentation in AjourQA, it will be possible to link the registrations directly to the drawing through the Ajour app.

For Ajour, it is important that our new customers start well

As a new customer at Ajour, we always make sure that you get a thorough introduction to our solutions so that you, as a user, will be well equipped for digital construction management. Our consulting team is always ready for a no-obligation consultation and is also happy to offer a 30-day free trial of our system – so you as a user can start well on your new digital workflow.

If you already feel ready to streamline your workflow and be a competitive and powerful company, then go for the Ajour platform today – you can order a free trial here.

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